About our Kosher Mobile Phones

TAG-Approved kosher mobile phones allow the community to take advantage of technology while ensuring that our values are safeguarded.

The growing misuse of mobile phones and other forms of technology and the serious consequences are often heartbreaking and all too common.

At Mobile Unlimited, you can choose from a large variety of kosher mobile phones. Each phone carries a stamp from the vaad harabanim that states the phone as kosher with the only option of calling, with or without texting, making it capable of usage for children and young adults to not be exposed of to the internet while handling the device.

Most other similar phones (not stated as kosher) have those features disabled through the network and it is possible to call the carrier and have that reversed. With these phones, even an experienced hacker would be hard pressed to hack this phone.

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Understanding the kosher phone

One of the defining features of TAG- approved kosher mobile phones is a rabbinical stamp approving that it cannot send or receive text messages, browse the internet or take photos – all activities that could potentially involve behaviour considered “immodest” among Chareidim.

For example, SMS capability could lead to the unwitting receipt of mass text messages publicising secular events. It could also be used as a method of illicit communication between male and female teenagers.

All photos of women are forbidden, as is accessing websites with content deemed inappropriate.

The phone’s other defining feature is a rabbinical stamp of approval, similar to those seen on kosher food items.